Paul Graham: What Business Can Learn form Open Source

Máme tu další povídání od Paula Grahama: What Business Can Learn form Open Source. Zajímavé třeba tím, že srovnává open-source a blogování a docela se naváží do tradičního firemního prostředí. Pro nalákání k přečtení tu mám pár (mírně z kontextu vytržených) vět, které mě zaujaly:

It's not that Microsoft isn't trying. They know controlling the browser is one of the keys to retaining their monopoly. The problem is the same they face in operating systems: they can't pay people enough to build something better than a group of inspired hackers will build for free.


So the average quality of writing online isn't what the print media are competing against. They're competing against the best writing online. And, like Microsoft, they're losing.


The basic idea behind office hours is that if you can't make people work, you can at least prevent them from having fun. If employees have to be in the building a certain number of hours a day, and are forbidden to do non-work things while there, then they must be working. In theory. In practice they spend a lot of their time in a no-man's land, where they're neither working nor having fun.


That is one of the key tenets of professionalism. Work and life are supposed to be separate. But that part, I'm convinced, is a mistake.

A nakonec Paulovo shrnutí:

So these, I think, are the three big lessons open source and blogging have to teach business: (1) that people work harder on stuff they like, (2) that the standard office environment is very unproductive, and (3) that bottom-up often works better than top-down.