WHATWG a rozhodování hodem mincí

I takhle může vypadat rozhodování o bytí či nebytí jedné vlastnosti v budoucí specifikaci Web Forms 2.0:

From: Ian Hickson    <ian@hixie.ch>
Subject: Re: [whatwg] Syntax Highlighting [was: several messages]


Please argue this amongst each other and come to an agreement as to 
whether the feature should be kept or not. Before publishing the next 
version of the spec, if there isn't a clear agreement, I'll look at the 
arguments and if there is no clear strong argument on either side, will 
probably just flip a coin and either remove the feature or leave it as 
the coin decides.

Celý text mailu najdete v archivu mailing-listu WHATWG. A ne, nemyslím si, že to Hixie myslel zas tak vážně :-)

Dec 13, 2004 – 22:30