I’m a programmer by heart and soul, probably because programming is a science, a craft, and an art at the same time. The areas I’m most passionate about are programming languages, web technologies, and software craftsmanship.

I studied computer science at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics of the Charles University in Prague.

During the studies I saw my peers struggle writing clean and maintainable code, so I started to teach a course about this topic. I don’t teach anymore, but the course still exists today.

As my master thesis I wrote a compiler translating a subset of Ruby to PHP. A crazy idea, but I learned a great deal about compilers and related technologies.

After finishing school I freelanced for a while. Then I joined SUSE, where I initially worked on SUSE Studio. Later I lead the YCP Killer project — an effort to translate half a million lines of YaST codebase from YCP to Ruby.

In my free time I created PEG.js, a parser generator for JavaScript, which became quite popular. It led to a job Jut, where I worked on a dataflow programming language called Juttle.

After Jut closed down, I went on a sabbatical. Now I work as a software development lead at Energomonitor.

Beside programming, I blog, tweet, write articles, and give talks.

I live in Prague (Czech Republic).

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